When we started designing the laser tag experience and its field, we wanted to bring a very realistic & fully customizable laser tag battle adventure. It was very apparent to us which laser tag system would meet our demands which were the BRX PRO. The BRX PRO is the most advanced commercial laser tag system ever built that will bring our guest’s favorite FPS games to life! Users will be equipped with full-sized futuristic & realistic rifle with interactive rumble feedback that boasts a precise long-range shot that can hit pinpoint targets over 100’s of meters away in full sunlight (and even further at night)! The BRX PRO has unmatched sound quality, is updatable over USB, and comes equipped with preset game modes and weapons types. When paired with a smartphone it offers an unparalleled level of customization. Most importantly it is extremely safer than other similar sports (i.e. airsoft/paintball) as it does not shoot any physical projectiles!

B.O.L.T. Laser Tag

Ready FL Farm’s B.O.L.T. Laser Tag is an intense, beyond ordinary outdoor/indoor tactical laser tag facility that’s different than anything you have ever played before! We use state of the art Battle Company equipment that look and feel like the real thing. Awaiting you at B.O.L.T. Laser Tag is the future of laser tag. No more silly plastic guns or annoying black lights. Instead, you can choose from over 30+ (and counting) riveting quests and missions on many different types of realistically-themed arenas while competing in hostile warfare. Picture it: two or more teams locked in conflict, both equipped with the most realistic Laser Tag armor, weapons, and gear known to man. You’ll experience authentic live noise and recoil in a fully immersive arena like nothing you’ve ever seen. Each field is uniquely themed and immerses every player into an intense battle arena, so players must rely on their reflexes and quick wit to survive the battle while completing your mission. This takes the video game aspect and infuses it into the laser tag gameplay. A role-playing Laser Tag Game that has been taken to the next level, that is!

Players can earn points, awards, and badges as they progress. These points will be added to the players LID account which allows them to preserve their rank, power-ups, badges, awards, and points. Level up your LID player today!

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