Live Animals & Food Policy


We do not guarantee that your animal will look exactly like the picture provided on the website. Live animals are diverse and unique. Some have subtle changes during different seasons.

We do not guarantee that animals will be free of parasites or other unseen internal and external issues. We recommend quarantining all new animals before introducing them to existing animals.

We do not guarantee that your animal is the exact size represented on the website. Sizes are ballpark. If you require a very specific size, please let us know in the order comments and we will do our best.

We do not guarantee the sexing, except when otherwise noted. We do our very best to sex your order. We want highly satisfied customers but sometimes sexing can be difficult.

When needed we use heat/cold packs to help keep the animal’s/live food warm/cool. We guarantee that our products are of the best quality available. All items are carefully packed according to the item and the length of their shipment as quoted by the carrier. We will not knowingly ship live animals during severe weather, however, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to verify that the lowest low and highest high temp are between 40F and 90F. If the temp drops below 40F or over 90F at any point during transit this will void the live arrival warranty on all qualified live animals.