Our Story

Our whole family are true native Floridians with a desire to live a decent country life. Being self-reliant is one of the most rewarding feelings to ever achieve and the benefits promote a happier and healthier lifestyle as a whole. While we adapt more each year to the traditional homesteading lifestyle, we’re also infusing modern technology to enhance our lifestyle even further.

Alexander and Chelsey first met freshman year at Sarasota High School. To be continued…

We strive to educate everyone on the importance of producing your own food and limiting you dependence on other people or companies. Most grocery stores can only supply up to 3 days worth of food. Can you honestly expect to rely on a maximum 3 day food supply if a major disaster were to strike? What would you do if the disaster took a week or month or even possibly years before civilization returned to normal?

Homesteading can help protect you and your loved ones. It will show you things that you would have probably never known how to do. The amount of dedicated work will pay out more than the amount of effort invested.

We welcome all Floridians, homesteaders, preppers, and DIYers to join our community and start enhancing your lifestyle today. Become more involved with the environment and be in control of what you are consuming! Join right now, don’t wait any longer!